Hindi GECs
Among all the genres, the Hindi general entertainment channels are likely to be the least affected because of their dominant viewing share. Product categories like fast moving consumer goods and consumer durables simply can't do without them. These channels average 13-15 minutes of ads per hour. While a few of these channels already limit advertising to 12 minutes, some may have to cut their ad inventory by around 20 per cent.

Some media buyers say that there is already pressure from the GECs to increase the rates by approximately 20 per cent and more. However, as the deals are done on a CPRP (cost per ratings point) basis, the agencies are asking the channels to show better yield.

Broadcasters believe that media agencies will have to bite the bullet and agree to a price hike. They also feel that if agencies want greater yields in a fragmented market, they should sign deals on a CPT (cost per thousand) basis. Ad sales heads of top TV networks have believed for years that media agencies have squeezed them unfairly - and they will be trying to get their own back.

In any case, GECs are also well placed because with digitisation taking place, they can look forward to stronger subscription revenues than before.