Functional Role: Media Planner
Functional Area: Advertising/Event Management/Media/PR
Location: Rohini, Delhi
Job Description:
Media planners are key players in the advertising and marketing industry. Essentially, these guys are tasked with maximising returns on advertising and promotional activities across different media channels. The role of a media planner is often combined with that of a media buyer, though larger companies tend to employ separate individuals for this purpose. Media planners are responsible for analysing data, thinking creatively and dreaming up innovative strategies to make sure marketing campaigns reach the right target audience in the most effective way possible. Basically, these guys assess the impact and suitability of different types of media for targeting a specific market that their client wants to reach. Media planners collect and analyse information about different media channels, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, films, television, the internet and outdoor media, such as posters and digital billboards, with regards to consumer behaviour, circulation, audience trends and the impact of different methods. Armed with this critical analysis, media planners devise or recommend strategies for using certain media effectively in attracting and retaining customers, increasing brand recognition, and maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Media planners need to work closely with their clients, understand their wants, needs and objectives and then make the important decisions about what media channels should be used for specific campaigns. These choices have an impact on what the creative team produces and vice versa. Therefore, in order to facilitate this dynamic, many integrated agencies now employ in-house media planners. Finally, media planners work alongside media buyers to help direct the acquisition of certain advertising slots and spaces.

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