Youth and Music
The youth and music genre has its work cut out, since it, in any case, caters to an extremely young and fickle audience. Channels from this genre have to be on their toes and innovate with programming continuously.

Music, especially, is a commodity. The coming ad cap will force channels to use more trailers in terms of content. Like the movie genre, music too is a frequency generator. Media agency executives believe that these channels will have to correct the ad rates - which are low - in order to compensate for the loss of inventory. Some channels may be able to pull that off.

The genre, on an average, airs 16-20 minutes of ads per hour. Music broadcasters believe that with the 12-minute ad cap, they will get to air more content which will get them more GRPs and hence more money from the advertisers.

Interestingly, these channels generate a significant part of their revenue through brand integration. The ad cap move will not only force them to try increase ad rates but also opt for more brand integration and advertiser-funded programmes.

Also, as mentioned earlier, in this genre too the standalone channels will suffer more than the channels associated with the bigger networks.